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About Bluestone

To begin with, bluestone is not a geological term and does not fall within any distinct category such as igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. Bluestone, in fact, represents in excess of 20 separate rock varieties.

In Australia, there are two varieties of bluestone, one is normally known as Victorian Bluestone which is a kind of basalt. Basalt is an igneous rock made up primarily of feldspar and is usually grey to black and fine-grained owing to the rapid cooling of lava at the surface of a planet. In South Australia, it is known as a type of slate. Slate is a metamorphic rock that is mostly made up of quartz and is typically pale grey or beige in color. It should be noted that it is a great deal less hard-wearing than the Victorian Bluestone.

Bluestone Installations Suggestions

Bluestone can be layed as – Bluestone Pavers | Bluestone Tiles | Bluestone Pool Pavers | Bluestone Stepping Stones | Bluestone Pool Coping Tiles | Bluestone Driveway Pavers | Bluestone Stairs and Steppers | Bluestone Wall Cladding | Bluestone French Pattern | Bluestone Patio PaversBluestone Pool Tiles | Bluestone Cobblestone | Bluestone Outdoor Pavers | Bluestone Crazy Pavers | Bluestone Pavers Prices

Most Popular Bluestone

Bluestone comes in various colours and sizes but the most popular one that Australians love to install in their homes are – Harkaway Bluestone, European Bluestone, Chinese Bluestone, Midnight Blue Stone

Bluestone Laying Pattern

You can lay travertine as normal square and rectangular patterns. However, the most popular laying pattern is – Bluestone French Pattern and Bluestone Crazy Paving

Places you can Buy Bluestone in Australia

We deliver bluestone pavers and bluestone tiles across Australia in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania. Our primary locations are

Bluestone Image Gallery

Get installation ideas from the beautiful bluestone images. Browse our Bluestone Image Gallery.

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