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Stepping Stones

For the DIY-ers and home renovators, our stepping stones are a dream! These stepping stones are easy to lay;¬† you can create a practical path and/or visual accent in your outdoor space. Enjoy the process of turning them around, experimenting with different stone colour combinations, mixing sizes to create an eye-catching pattern or an organic feature. You don’t need a tiler – just your creativity! Need a hand? Call 9706 9767


For the DIY-ers and home renovators, our stepping stones are a dream! These stepping stones are easy to lay;¬† you can create a practical path and/or visual accent in your outdoor space. You don’t need a tiler – just your creativity! Need a hand? Call 9706 9767


  • Sale! bluestone stepping stones

    Bluestone Stepping Stones – European

    From $16.00
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  • Sale! bluestone stepping stones tiles and pavers, blue tiles, black tiles, blue pavers & dark tiles paversbluestone pavers stepping stones round pavers

    Bluestone Stepping Stones – Harkaway

    From $22.00
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  • stepping stones sandstonesandstone stepping stones pathway

    Sandstone Stepping Stones – Organic

    From $34.00
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  • sandstone stepping stonessandstone stepping stones

    Sandstone Stepping Stones

    From $15.00
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  • travertine stepping stones organic shapedtravertine stepping stones organic shaped

    Silver Travertine Stepping Stones – Organic

    From $54.00
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  • travertine stepping stonestravertine stepping stones

    Ivory Travertine Stepping Stones

    From $22.55
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  • travertine stepping stones organic shapedtravertine stepping stones organic shaped

    Ivory Travertine Stepping Stones – Organic

    From $49.00
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  • harkaway bluestone stepping stone paversbluestone pavers, bluestone tiles, blue tiles, blue pavers, dark tiles, stepping stones

    Bluestone Stepping Stones – Harkaway

    From $13.20
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  • Sale! white stepping stoneslimestone stepping stones

    Shell White Stepping Stones

    From $35.20
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  • silver travertine pavers outdoor tiles by stone pavers australiaTravertine Tiles

    Travertine Stepping Stones – Silver

    From $29.70
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  • european bluestone stepping stonesbluestone pavers as stepping stones

    European Bluestone Stepping Stones

    From $9.46
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  • Sale! White Granite Paversgranite outdoor stepping stones or steppers

    White Stepping Stones Granite – Dove White

    From $16.50
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  • Sale! Grey Granite Paversgranite stepping stone pavers

    Grey Stepping Stones – Raven Granite

    From $17.60
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  • Sale! midnight granite grey tiles and pavers, black tiles, black pavers, dark tiles, outdoor tiles, outdoor pavers by stone pavers australiagranite stepping stones

    Black Stepping Stones – Midnight Granite

    From $19.80
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Reviews for Stepping Stones

Mala T
Lysterfield, Vic
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The harkaway bluestone stepping stones always sells out super quick, if they are ever in stock make sure to call & place an order straightaway.
David Hall
Williamstown, Vic
Read More
We were looking for white stepping stones and this place did not disappoint. They look great in our backyard.
Gina R
Nowra, NSW
Read More
really happy with the sandstone stepping stones. Sales team were extremely helpful.
Ryan Carter
Molendinar, QLD
Read More
The bluestone steppers was by far our favourite. Highly recommended.

FAQ’s- Types of Stepping Stones


Natural stones tiles can be used as pavers for your outdoor areas. If you plan on renovating your exterior space, then there could not be a better way to start your renovation project than by using stepping stones. Steppers are a great way to start with if you are unsure whether you want to lay the whole area. Selecting a suitable and functional pavers that improve the aesthetic of your home exterior as well. Prices start from $15

Stepping Stones are available in a wide array of palettes, shapes, sizes, and finishes. Each material will add a unique texture to your space. If you would like to add the old-world charm to your patio, then natural stones are your best option. Not only are they durable, but natural stones give an earthy and natural feel to your space. Whether you have modern-style exteriors or a retro-inspired patio, you can never go wrong with the natural stepping stones. When it comes to choosing the best steppers, pay close attention to your patio and the exterior décor theme. The most popular type of stepping stones are Bluestone Stepping Stones, Travertine Stepping Stones, Granite Stepping Stones and Sandstone Stepping Stones.

We all have different ideas when it comes to designing our garden area. Some prefer using steppers instead of paving the whole area as it gives off a unique feature to any outdoor area. It is also a functional choice as these stones are easy to install and can be laid on grass or sand.

Irregular Shaped Stepping Stones

Irregular Shaped Stepping Stones are also known as organic stepping stones
Made from natural boulders of bluestone or sliced sandstone
Sliced at 20mm or 30mm thickness to create an organic shape
Sandstone stepping stones are sliced from irregularly shaped blocks
Range in size from around 400mm up to 1000mm in diameter


“Installation image of Bluestone Stepping Stones“

sandstone stepping stones

“Installation image of Sandstone Stepping Stones“

Bluestone stepping stones are very popular amongst Australians households due to its earthy features therefore it is very low maintenance and easy to clean. If bluestone is not for you and you prefer a lighter colour, Sandstone is a great option too.

Rectangular Stepping Stones

Regular or Formal Shaped Stepping Stones are large format tiles cut at 500×500, 800×400, 1000×500, 1200×800 at 20mm or 30mm thickness
Made from natural stones like Bluestone, Limestone, Granite, Travertine
Create a formal and concise pathway
Look great as pathways or borders around a modern home

Travertine stepping stones

“Installation image of Travertine stepping stones“

Square Stepping Stones 

Square shaped stepping stones are usually 400mm x 400m or 500mm x 500mm, but can be any size up to 1000mm x 1000mm at a thickness of 20mm or 30mm. They are usually made from Bluestone, Sandstone, Granite or Travertine. They are often used in a offset pattern to create interest, or in a straight line pathway.

Blue Stepping Stones and steppers

“Installation image of Granite Stepping Stones“

Brick and concrete are porous materials. They cannot endure changing weather and extreme temperatures. Unless you live in an area that receives a moderate climate throughout the year, artificial tiles are never the right option for exterior paving applications.

Your patio will be exposed to weather and water (if you have a swimming pool) throughout the year. You should choose the high density, low porosity, and water tolerable natural stone pavers.

Hot temperatures and rainy weather are the common reasons for pavers’ premature wear and tear. Never choose a delicate material for patio and deck paving. Even if the bricks or concrete do not break down, you will notice stains and discoloured surface.


Options to cover the are around stepping stones?

“Installation image of Crazy Paving“

It is also strongly recommended that you light stepped areas for additional night-time safety.

There are a whole host of options for steps and pathways to complement your garden landscape.

You may want an area with stepping stones, a traditional style pathway running under an arch covered in brightly coloured, sweetly-smelling flowers, or a stepped walkway leading to a sunken pond.

The options are many and by discussing your vision and needs with a qualified stonemason you will achieve exactly what you are looking for.


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