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What is Limestone?

What is Limestone? A light-colored chemical rock made of calcium carbonate is limestone. Available across different corners of the world, limestone is one of the common sedimentary rocks.Among all types of sedimentary rocks extracted from the earth, approx...

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What is Sandstone?

What is Sandstone? Sandstone refers to the sedimentary rock containing tiny sand-sized particles and organic substances.These stones are composed of different types of minerals, which are widely used in tons of applications.Due to the impurities in...

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What is Wall Cladding?

What is wall cladding? Modern architecture is witnessing continuous advancement, revolution, and innovation since we learned the art of building innovatively.Out of all such changes, one of the most revolutionary changes has been observed in the manner in...

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What is Ledgestone?

What is Ledgestone? Ledgestone can be defined as blended colored natural stones subtly upon installation in a dry-stack format.Ledgestone is popularly used for home design or renovation projects when you wish to enhance the overall aesthetics of the given...

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What is Pool Coping?

What is Pool Coping?   Are you installing an inground pool at your home? While installing the same, there are several factors that you need to consider to obtain the best results. "Installation Image of Travertine Pool Coping Tiles" One of the key...

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What is Crazy Paving?

What is crazy paving? Landscaping the backyard with top-grade outdoor pavers could take the backyard from appearing sad & dull to a spectacular & beautiful place to chill out, relax, and even host a small get-together with close ones.If you happen...

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What is Stack-stone?

What is Stackstone? Stackstone also goes by the name as Stacked Stone OR Stacker Stone. Additionally, people also spell it in many ways such as Stackstone, Stack-stone, Stacked-stone and more.It is an old-age construction & building design that has been in use for...

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What is Granite?

What is Granite?   Granite has become the most sought-after material for home décor industries. Homeowners in large numbers consider granite surfaces as they are easy to maintain and enhance the curb appeal of their home. Granite happens to be a...

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What is Travertine?

What is Travertine? Travertine is a type of natural stone formed in hot springs by the precipitation of calcium carbonate. The most prominent feature of the travertine stone is the holes within the stone which are formed by the CO2 bubbles in the hot...

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What is Bluestone?

What is Bluestone?   ‘Bluestone is a very distinctive feature of Melbourne’s streetscape, part of the daily fabric of life. There are kilometres of bluestone laneways in the city and suburbs; it’s in the foundations of many houses and buildings; it’s...

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