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Installation Guide for Crazy Paving Pavers

Mastering the Maze: A Professional Guide to Selecting & Installing Crazy Paving

Embrace the Unconventional:

Say goodbye to the predictable rows of standard pavers and step into the captivating world of crazy paving. This unique style, crafted from irregularly shaped natural stones like travertine, sandstone, bluestone, and limestone, is gaining popularity in Melbourne and Sydney, transforming outdoor spaces into whimsical havens.

Choosing Your Stonewise Path:

Our dense and durable Stone & Slate Discounts Natural Stone Crazy Paving Pavers offer a variety of natural colors, from subtle whites and creams to vibrant autumn tones. For consistent thickness and seamless installation, opt for travertine, sandstone, bluestone, and limestone crazy paving, all calibrated to a precise 20mm thickness. These options create a smooth walking surface, unlike uncalibrated natural slate options.

Indoor & Outdoor Versatility:

Expand your horizons! Our 20mm calibrated crazy pavers with a 2mm +/- tolerance allow for direct application to concrete slabs using glue, making them ideal for indoor projects. This calibrated option boasts a flatter, smoother surface for effortless installation both indoors and outdoors.

Delving Deeper: Expert Installation Tips:

Before embarking on your paving journey, consult with experts like Steve Taylor, the Master Stonemason, and Samuel Nagle from Samuel Nagle Landscaping. They offer invaluable insights into selecting the best mortar and grouting techniques for your chosen stones.

Key Considerations:

Stone type and ground texture: Different stones and terrain demand specific approaches. For KAKADU Crazy Pavers, a mortar bed is recommended due to their natural thickness variations.

Planning and layout: Dry-layouting a few square meters of pavers helps visualize the final design and color combinations.

Mortar mix: For most flagstones/crazy paving, a traditional wet (mortar) bed is generally used. Our recommended mix includes white/yellow bricklayer’s sand, white cement, water with Efflock (to reduce efflorescence), and Bycol for workability.

Leveling and stringlines: Unlike geometric pavers, crazy paving is, well, crazy! Stringlines establish reference points for consistent leveling and gradient throughout the installation.

Grouting: We recommend Mapei Sanded Grout for its variety of colors and its suitability for wide joints (up to 50mm). Apply using a squeegee tool, ensuring all joints are filled and leveled.

Top sealer: After grouting, apply a top sealer like Aquamix Sealers Choice Gold to protect both stones and grout from the elements.

Ready to Begin Your Paving Adventure?

Whether you’re tackling a DIY project or seeking professional guidance, our team at Stone & Slate Discounts PL is here to assist you. Contact us online at STONE PAVERS or call 03 97069767 BH. For expert installation advice, reach out to Steve Taylor, the Master Stonemason, at 03 97069767 BH or 0418557936.

Embrace the beauty and individuality of crazy paving, and transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece that reflects your unique style!

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