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Cheap Pavers

The average cost of patio paving is around $1500 [depending on the square meters]. It isn’t only the price that must be taken into consideration when selecting the right pavers for your outdoor space. You also need to consider the type of paver that will fit your space. The most suitable paver for your patio is the one that complements your landscape and blends well with the surroundings. You need to pay special attention to the palettes.

Fortunately, the Australian stone markets have cheap and high-quality pavers available in abundance. You will find all types, shapes, and sizes of natural stones for home décor in these stone markets. The question is how do you choose the best paver for your space? How much will the entire paving project cost? Of course, you don’t have to break your budget for exterior paving. The natural stones will cost you a few hundred bucks only.


How to Save Money on Paving?

If you have a low budget, you can install the pavers on your own. The installation of the pavers is a labour-intensive and expensive process. The natural stones are not as expensive as the labour cost. So, if you want to buy the best quality natural stones for the exterior paving requirements without shelling out, then avoid professional contractors. In fact, homeowners can DIY the pavers sealing. All you need is a high-quality sealant and basic knowledge.

Rustica travertine pavers stone pavers sydney

“Installation image of Rustica Ivory Travertine Pavers and Tiles” 

For paving, you need to create a base of gravel and sand. Start with digging the surface to 10-15 inches. Lay the gravel for a strong foundation. Once you are done compressing the gravel, create a layer of sand. You can compact it with a heavy roller. There you go! Your base for the pavers is ready. The next step is to lay the pavers on the sand and glue them to the ground.

Find Cheap Pavers

The cost of the pavers can vary depending on a few factors. In general, the stone pavers can cost you anywhere between $5 and $50 per square foot installation. However, the cost can go up to $100, especially if you hire professional contractors. You also need to add the cost of the grout, adhesive, and other base materials.

bluestone pool coping tiles arris edge, blue tiles, black pavers, black pool coping tile

“Installation image of Midnight Blue Stone Pavers and Tiles” 

Mostly, the base and stones can cost $3-$7 per square foot. The total cost of the project depends mainly on the size of the terrain you would like to pave and the method of installation. You can save a significant amount on the labour cost by trying DIY paving. However, it can get quite tedious and time-consuming for homeowners to pave the entire driveway, walkway, and patio single-handedly. Besides, it isn’t a practical option for those who have no access to the paving equipment and adhesive.


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