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Why Granite is perfect for pool pavers?

Why Granite is Perfect for Pool Pavers?

Granite Pavers are such an amazing option for your swimming pool pavers of all shapes and sizes because of their durability and extreme heat resistance capabilities. Granite pool paving can survive the weather fluctuations in Melbourne and last long for decades with proper maintenance. You can choose to install black granite or grey granite paving to give a classic and luxury look to your pool surroundings with matching granite pool coping tiles.


Installation image of Dove White Granite Pavers 

You are going to need to lay Granite Pavers around the pool to enhance the beauty and separate the swimming pool from the deck. You could use any type of pavers for pool coping, but your best bet is natural stones. The beauty of your pool depends mainly on the design, planning, and surrounding elements.

The main reason for installing granite pool pavers is to protect the swimming pool from dirt and debris. With robust granite pavers in place, you can rest assured that no wet or solid debris will get into the pool. It also provides the swimmers with a safe place to enter and exit the pool. They can hold the pavers when getting out of the pool. Now that the granite pool pavers are going to be exposed to the salty and chlorinated water, it goes without saying that this area needs a slip-resistant material, like granite pool pavers. 


Granite Pool Coping Tiles 

You must select pavers that look gorgeous around the pool while adding value to your home’s curb appeal. Another important factor to consider when shopping for granite pool pavers is durability. Not all materials are strong and durable enough to last for years. Only a few manage to withstand the harsh weather elements. The ideal paving material for pool coping is the one that’s durable, versatile, weatherproof and waterproof, slip-resistant, and frost-resistant.

Surprisingly, granite pavers has all these qualities. There is a reason why granite pavers Brisbane is considered the best choice for all kinds of paving projects, especially those around the wet areas. Granite tiles is one of the impressive natural stone pavers for landscaping projects. Whether you use them for residential décor or commercial construction, granite pavers can blend with any surroundings. Granite pool pavers neither discolours nor loses its durability even if it is laid in an area that remains exposed to extreme temperatures and poor weather throughout the year.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Extracted from the igneous rocks, granite pavers is one of the most attractive natural stone pavers out there. It offers the broadest range of colours and designs, giving you a great opportunity to select a material that fits your landscape and complements the pool deck. Like other natural stone pavers, granite slabs feature colour variations. Each granite paving of this stone gets its colour from the minerals present in them. Granite pavers is nothing but the fragments of the igneous rocks that are formed over thousands of years. Available in abundance, granite pavers and tiles is one of the few pool pavers that have the ability to render a glorious charm to your exteriors.


granite pool pavers surrounding pool

Installation image of Raven Grey Granite Pool Pavers 


The rustic and rugged appeal of granite pavers can lighten up any space. Whether you lay the pavers around the pool edge only or design your entire deck with granite tile Melbourne, this material will look flawless in just about any setting. Another great quality of the natural stone is that it ages beautifully. Unlike concrete pavers, granite pavers does not lose its look for decades. In fact, there is a good chance the granite pool pavers you have installed around the swimming pool will last for generations.


  • Durable

Granite pavers Melbourne has been used for centuries for construction and residential projects. Before homeowners started to incorporate this natural stone into their landscape, granite was used for roads and other construction applications. You can still find the large and small slabs of granite tiles on the ancient buildings, especially in the historical landmarks in Rome.

The porosity and durability make granite pavers Brisbane powerful enough to beat unfavourable weather conditions, from scorching weather to below-freezing climate. It can resist the water splashes, salty and chlorinated pool water, extreme temperatures, and other environmental elements seamlessly.


  • A Safe Option

Each natural stone has the ability to go through polishing and other treatments. And, granite pavers isn’t an exception. The slip-resistant property of granite paving makes it the safest option for your swimming pool. Even if you walk barefoot on these pavers with wet feet, rest assured that you will not slip and fall into the pool. Granite tiles offers a strong grip to your feet, even when the pavers are wet. That’s because granite pavers comes with a high non-slip rating, which makes it an ideal option for paving applications around wet areas. Whether you need to clean the pool or take a dip, you can use granite pool pavers for the grip to perform any activity without the fear of falling and slipping.


  • Easy Maintenance

Concrete is not cheaper than granite pool pavers, but it costs you more in the long run than granite pavers and other natural stones. That’s because concrete is prone to chipping and cracking. Natural stones are easy to clean and maintain. They only require basic washing every week and they will look as good and clean as new. Granite does not demand high maintenance, making them a great choice for your swimming pool.



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