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Granite Outdoor Pavers

Granite pavers are one of the most popular natural stone for any outdoor paving areas. Granite outdoor tiles has recently gain its popularity among Australian Households as they need less cleaning and maintenance compared to other pavers in the market. Granite pavers around pools are also extremely preferred by property developers, Landscapers, Builders and Architects. Granite pavers are tough, durable, and reliable making it great for commercial and residential builds.

The most popular areas laid using granite as pavers are granite driveways, granite pool pavers, granite pool coping, granite stepping stones and other outdoor tiling areas. Many Australians are now leaning towards paving granite for all their exterior areas and among all the colour range, grey granite pavers and black granite pavers are the most popular choices. 


Top Practical Uses of Granite Outdoor Tiles


Considering that granite paving has many hard wearing qualities, large granite pavers are generally used in many areas such as swimming pools, walkways, pathways and other outdoor paving areas. Find below a list of possible places where granite pavers Melbourne happens to come across as a preferred choice.


Granite Pavers around a pool

Since granite pavers comes in all possible shades, texture, shapes and sizes you can lay granite tiles as granite pool pavers around a  swimming pool. In order to form an edge around the swimming pool you can use a matching granite pool coping. For those who prefers a minimalistic look, granite is a great choice. 

white granite pool coping tiles around a pool

“Installation image of Dove White Granite pool coping Tiles“


Granite Stepping Stones

For all you DIY out there, both granite tiles and granite pavers Brisbane is easy to lay. There is a wide variety to choose from granite pavers Melbourne and the easiest way to lay granite pavers is to lay them as stepping stones.  All you need is a mixture of sand and cement below these pavers.


Granite as patio pavers

Generally, these granite outdoor tiles are perfect for both small and large outdoor areas. Since large granite pavers comes in black, grey, white and beige. It is easy to mix and match. You can choose the colour of plants and flowers in the garden and will not have to worry too much about which granite you will go for as we offer a wide range of granite paving colours. Granite as a paving option is very likely qualified to bring back that lost charm of your old patio or even better, create a brand new.

grey granite pavers around patio areas

‚ÄúInstallation of Raven Grey Granite Pavers‚Ä̬†


Is granite suitable to use as outdoor pavers?

The versatile character of Granite Pavers makes them a top choice for all sorts of outdoor pavement requirements as well as appealing to anyone who is persistent on quality. You can lay granite as pavers anywhere. Since paving outdoor areas are getting more popular you see many people using granite pavers in Melbourne, Granite Pavers in Sydney and Granite Pavers is Brisbane. 


Granite is chosen mostly because of its durability and other hard wearing qualities for paving. [Read more about What is Granite? ] That is why granite is one of the most popular natural stone pavers choice of Australian Homeowners. [Read Granite Frequently Asked Question to learn more. ]

We are known for providing quality granite products at low prices. If you are looking to buy granite pavers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or anywhere across Australia. Give us a call today on 03 9706 9767 or contact us and receive a FREE QUOTE or you can request an express posted FREE SAMPLE before purchasing our products. Get some installation ideas from our beautiful stone tiles Granite Image Gallery.

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