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Granite Outdoor Pavers


Granite has widely gained its use in human history as a construction stone. Granite Outdoor Pavers specifically are modified by cutting stones and giving them a flat appearance. The granite pavers are extremely preferred by property developers and contractors in landscaping and building tough, durable, and reliable contemporary pathways in the cities.

Top practical uses of Granite Outdoor Pavers


Considering the versatile character of granite, pavers made of granite can be put to plenty of uses. Here find below a list of possible places where granite happens to come across as a preferred choice.


As a stand out element around the pool


Since granite comes in all possible shades, it is easier to mix and match to form a pattern. In order to form an edge around the swimming pool, such patterns could be implemented. A patterned edge is meant to stand out compared to a normal plain one and adds brilliantly to the ambiance of the space.

granite tiles melbourne, sydney, brisbane

“Installation image of Raven Grey Granite Pavers and Tiles”

Besides the swimming pool, granite pavers are often used in contrasting colors to edge a modern walkway.


Pavers take a form of art!


For enthusiasts, the implementation of granite pavers on the pathways calls for an opportunity to showcase one’s artistic skills. A variety of available shades are put to better use, yet again in order to create a compelling visual.


Create your perfect outdoor space


Granite pavers are surely qualified to bring back that lost charm of your old patio or even better, create a brand new. It can seem confusing at first given the number of shades granite pavers are available in, but it is often easier to match them with the outlook of your house.

granite tiles and pavers

“Installation of Midnight Black Tiles and Pavers”

Generally, these pavers work well for any garden, too, small or large. A pattern of one’s choice could also be created, keeping in mind the color of plants and flowers in the garden and which shade of paver would compliment it the best.


A casual walkway in the lawn


If incorporated wisely while considering all aspects of convenience while walking, granite pavers do a great job for casual walkways.

The silver grey ones complement the green grass right; hence you might want to purchase that one for your green lawn. Other than that, one could also select the size of the paper, a square or a rectangular slab.

The versatile character of Granite Pavers makes them a top choice for all sorts of outdoor pavement requirements as well as appealing to anyone who is persistent on quality.

Since these pavements are mostly flooded with foot traffic, granite fulfills the purpose of a tougher common ground to walk and does equal justice to the aesthetic appearance that a modern structure requires.




There are many stones and slabs which can be used for coping as pool tiles, but granite is chosen mostly because of its variation and different characteristics. [Read more about What is Granite? ]

That is why it is one of the most popular natural stone tile choices of Australian Homeowners. [Read Granite Frequently Asked Question to learn more. ]

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