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Indoor Bluestone Tiles

Bluestone Crazy Pave Pool Coping and Pavers


Bluestone crazy pavers are the best option for a broad range of paving projects. Whether you are planning to pave the driveway or install these stones around your swimming pool, bluestone is the most durable material for all kinds of residential and commercial paving applications. Now, as the name suggests, crazy paving doesn’t involve the typical way of laying the pavers. It is rather a free-flow pattern, in which, the bluestone crazy pavers are laid in a random pattern. The bluestone pavers are quite dense, which makes them a durable and versatile material for indoors and outdoors décor applications.



Let’s take a look at some of the perks of bluestone crazy pavers for pool coping.


  • Aesthetically Appealing: For homeowners who want a retro-inspired home, crazy pavers can make a great addition. You could install them around your swimming pool to create a traditional-style deck.


  • Cost-effective: Bluestone crazy paver is an economical option. You don’t have to shell out to buy these natural stones.


  • Durable: There is no denying crazy stones are the most durable and versatile natural stones out there. It is a hard-wearing stone. Bluestone crazy pavers can resist wear & tear and natural damages.


The best quality of bluestone is its anti-slip surface. For pool coping, you need to select a material that could resist water and chemicals. Since the pavers will be surrounded by water all the time, it makes sense to pick a natural stone that has an anti-slip surface. You can’t risk your life by installing some random pavers that can’t withstand moisture.


Why Bluestone Crazy Pavers?


First things first, crazy pavers are laid in a free-form style. This means you do not have to lay them in a straight line or align the pavers to create a consistent pattern. You rather have to pick the natural stones of different sizes and patterns. The bluestone crazy pavers are especially found in the traditional and retro-style homes.

The stone dates back to the traditional era when people would install stones with variations in sizes and shapes. Contractors often recommend bluestones for exterior paving, especially pool coping. You must have seen the bluestone crazy pavers installed around the pool edges in your neighbor’s backyard. Well, most homeowners in Australia choose bluestone to decorate their deck and surround their swimming pool with quality pavers.

Pool coping isn’t only about the aesthetic of your property. You also need to consider the safety aspect. You will want to sit by the pool and relax on your deck on hot summer days. Similarly, kids love to play around the pool. The chances of accidents are high when you don’t have strong pavers in place. That being said, pool coping is a must. View all of our crazy paving range.




When you wish to make the most out of the inground pool at your home, installing pool coping is essential.

Make use of top-grade coping materials like natural stone pavers or tiles for the best outcomes.

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