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Bluestone Pavers Prices


The blue-gray shades of natural stones are often classified as Bluestone. These pavers have garnered immense popularity and attention due to their amazing range of colour palettes. The design, pattern, finishes, and overall texture of these natural stones look inviting. When it comes to building a patio and a pool deck, a majority of homeowners use natural stones.

Gone are the days when concrete and bricks were used for paving the exteriors. These man-made pavers might be inexpensive, but they are not as attractive as natural stones. Besides, concrete is not durable.

The maximum it lasts is a few years given that the temperature and weather are normal. Nothing beats the beauty and strength of natural stone, especially bluestone pavers. The anti-slip and smooth surface of this blue-gray natural stone can brighten up just about any space. They are mainly found around the wet areas, such as swimming pools and fireplace wall cladding. While famous for its cool tones, bluestone is found in warm shades too. You could find this natural stone in grey, dark grey and midnight colours. 

Price is the first thing that concerns homeowners that are looking to install natural stones on their patios and exteriors. Let’s check out the prices of Bluestones for 2021.


Factors Affecting the Prices of Bluestone Pavers


There is no fixed price for natural stones. Usually, the price varies depending on the texture, material, and type of stone. Bluestone is mainly available in three finishes, i.e. Non-slip, honed, and irregular. As non-slip stones are treated with extreme temperature and pressure, they cost more than irregular natural stones. The per square meter installation cost of the thermal bluestone pavers could go up to $100, while irregular stones are available at $44. If you are looking for thicker tiles, add extra 30 – 40 to the per square meter installation cost.

Assuming that you will outsource the installation task to professional labours and contractors, the total cost of bluestone per square meter installation will be around $100-$200. It mainly depends on the time it takes to finish the project. Usually, contractors charge an hourly fee for natural stone paving. So, the total cost of the project will also vary depending on the size of your patio or the types of stones. Irregular stones are hard to install. Due to their inconsistent patterns and sizes, it can take a lot of time to cut these stones into consistent shapes, thus raising the price of the project.

The installation is a complex process. The contractors have to ensure that each paver sits firmly into the sand bedding. These tiles are to be installed close to each other. Besides, it isn’t only about placing the tiles on the patio and gluing them to the ground with adhesive. The contractors have to dig the ground to create a base where the pavers sit.

Overall, labour and equipment can increase the cost of the project substantially. The equipment used for the installation includes a saw, stone cutting tools, gravel and sand beds, compactor plate, shovel, and more. You can DIY the project if you want to save some money on installation.


Bluestone Pavers Maintenance Cost


There is no denying that bluestone is one of the affordable materials for paving applications. It can cost you hundreds of bucks if you have a large space to pave. Despite the prices, bluestone happens to be the homeowner’s best option for pool coping and wall cladding. The ability of this stone to resist moisture and withstand scratches and cracks make it a perfect choice for all kinds of residential and commercial paving applications.

One quality that sets bluestone apart from concrete and the man-made paving materials is its low maintenance requirement. Bluestone doesn’t need special attention or daily washing. These stones are known for their durability and strength.


Cleaning and Sealing


Like other natural stones, this gray and black shade stone needs sealing. You must seal the bluestone-paved surface right after the installation. Low-maintenance doesn’t mean you can leave the space untouched for several weeks. If you have installed the bluestone pavers in your exteriors, i.e. on the lawn, then you must sweep away the leaves and solid debris regularly. For wet debris, cleaning is a must.

You must wash the pavers at least twice a week. Do not skip sealant. It will cost you only a few bucks, but it can enhance the quality and strength of bluestone tiles. The sealant will keep your pavers from damages due to premature wear and high temperatures. Bluestone pavers need sealing after the installation and every once in a while. Most homeowners re-seal the paved surface every 6 months (if the pavers are exposed to the weather and environmental elements).

For cleaning, you don’t need a separate stone-special detergent. The regular cleaning tools that you use for the interior and exterior flooring will do. However, if the bluestone pavers get stained, then you will need Ammonia powder and other chemical products. If you have sealed the surface, then the stains will not affect the quality of the pavers. Still, you must wash the pavers and remove the stains as soon as possible.

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