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Stack Stone Wall Cladding


Stack stone will add texture and warmth to your home. It is a unique three dimensional veneer composed of cut stone pieces. The pieces come attached to a cement sheet backing and they are installed in modules like tiles. You can find these panels in most home and supply stores and tile showroom. No grout is needed, you simply use a walling adhesive.

Demand for stack stone is growing. There are various designs that can be widely used to decorate walls, fireplaces, water features and more. Built from natural stone, stack stone calddinng comes in various different colour from brown to red to grey to brown, stack stone adds a warm ambiance to any space.

With growing demand for adding aesthetic charm to any space, stack stone is the perfect choice to give any room charm and to decorate walls, fireplaces, stone veneers, and water features. Built from NATURAL STONES, stack stone cladding comes in various shades ranging from red to brown to grey, add a warm ambiance to the space.
Stack stone is often used in landscaping, around pools and other water features, and on the front of buildings. Take at look at some of the examples below:




Light weight stack stone 3D Stack Stone

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We have dozens of various colours and styles of stack stone.
Light weight stack stone cladding with a 3D geometric style: Modern twist on a natural stone look mounted onto a stack stone panel for easy installation.
Ledgestone, stack stone cladding: Drystack look, rugged look, Individual pieces are MUCH bigger BUT still mounted on a stack stone panel for easy installation of your stone cladding.
Loose Random Stone Wall Cladding: Natural Free Flowing Format stone cladding for walls. A bit slower to install BUT what a look.
See our stack stone range here.

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