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Crazy Paving at Bunnings vs. Stone Pavers Australia

You can create crazy paving from Bunnings pavers. However, you should consider buying crazy paving from stone specialists such as Stone Pavers Australia which are already perfectly pre-cut for you.

Whilst Bunnings is a conventional option for everyday building materials, it is not necessary the cheapest or the best option for stone paving. For crazy paving (or any stone pavers for that matter) it is better to purchase directly from the people who provide it.

Bunnings claim to sell the cheapest products, however, that is not the case with paving…

At Stone Pavers Australia, there is a team of Stone Specialists who source the best crazy paving stone directly from the quarries.
They cut out the middle man which means you don’t pay unnecessary overheads. Although, Bunnings is just a retailer who happens to stock stone pavers among the thousands of other general products. As a result, Bunnings are NOT stone specialists. Therefore, if you have issues with your crazy paving stone or need help laying the crazy paving going to a stone specialist like Stone Pavers is going to be better in the long run. And once you’ve broken the stone pavers into crazy paving pieces good luck getting your money back.

Picture of Bunnings crazy paving

Seriously Bunnings, you’re making me break my own crazy paving?! 

Also, making your own crazy paving with Bunnings pavers is dangerous and unnecessary. Why would you bother when Stone Pavers we have it conveniently cut for you AND at Australia’s cheapest prices?

Want to make a playful statement with your pavers? Choose crazy paving from Stone Pavers Australia. This jigsaw-like flooring style is a fun and practical way to bring life to your driveway paving, pool pavers and even curved path ways.


Better Crazy Paving than Bunnings Pavers

Crazy paving from Stone Pavers Australia is the cheapest and best quality in Australia. Stone Pavers are the LARGEST crazy paving and flag stone pavers providers in Melbourne and throughout Australia. 

If you are looking for crazy paving or any other stone tiles in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or anywhere across Australia. You’ve come to the right place.

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