Sandstone Ledgestone Wall Cladding


Available Sizes: Prices vary with the sizes*

Flats 600X200mm $115 m2
Corners 300X200mm $8.50 each


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About Sandstone Ledgestone Wall Cladding

Enhance your space with the warmth and sophistication of sandstone stacked stone wall cladding…

Create your own stone feature wall, fireplace facade, wall cladding, bbq cladding and more! You are only limited by your imagination!

Sandstone is a beautiful and durable stone. Typically, the colours consist of creams and warm browns. Generally, you’ll find sporadic brown lights cascading throughout the stone. So, it’s a great stone to bring warmth and texture into your interior design or outdoor areas.

The beauty of natural stone is timeless. This means it will very likely never date or look old. Natural stone has an elegance and timeless appeal that lasts a lifetime. No other material can effectively replicate the appeal, natural textures, strength, quality and luster of natural stacked stone or other stone products.

Also, adding natural stone to your home is an easy way to add value to your property.  Only with real 100% natural stone can you evoke a feeling of luxury, strength and quality.

Additionally, pure natural stone does wonders for good feng shui in the home. Solid natural stone like this stacked stone, will encourage harmonious energy and good luck.

This product is pure and made from 100% Natural Sandstone

It is sourced from the world’s best quarries. All our products adhere to strict Australian Certification Standards. At Stone Pavers Australia, we stand by the quality of our products so you will get premium quality stone. We guarantee to deliver the best stone at the cheapest prices you will ever see in Australia!

Additionally, at Stone Pavers Australia, you will only get the best quality at the lowest prices. We are famous throughout Australia for delivering the best prices. If you happen to find the same quality stone at a lower price, please let us know. We will beat it!


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