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Sandstone Pavers Supplier

Sandstone Pavers Supplier


As the name implies, sandstone Melbourne is one of the oldest stones formed by the sand particles. It is extensively used as pavers for exterior decoration. Sandstone is considered as a colourful stone with warm and earthy tones. Many homeowners choose sandstone for driveway paving, patios, backyard, and pool coping.


“Himalayan Sandstone Drop Face Pool Coping”


It is a landscaping material that could be used for both commercial and residential purposes. The interesting fact about this natural stone is that it dates back to prehistoric times. This natural stone was widely used for the construction of ancient buildings and monuments. In fact, some of these monuments are still intact.


The History of Sandstone


Earlier, Collyhurst sandstones were used for construction purposes. These stones were not as strong as the natural sandstones found in the modern era. These stones could not resist weather and water. As a result, they would need regular repair and maintenance. Today, the sandstone Sydney has become one of the common options for driveway paving. Sandstone Brisbane is mainly known for its resilience, hard-wearing nature, durability, and versatility. This natural stone has the potential to withstand harsh weather and high temperature.



The best example of the building featuring sandstone Geelong  is the White House in the United States. If you have noticed the architecture details, you must know that the façade of the building is designed with sandstones. Built and decorated by one of the popular Irish architects James Hoban, the White House features grey sandstone Ballarat that looks absolutely stunning.


Pick the best Natural Pavers for Your Home


“Himalayan Sandstone Pavers”


These natural paving materials are available in different colors and shapes. In fact, you can customize the sandstone Bendigo according to your décor theme. The colour variation is one of the most interesting qualities of sandstone Adelaide. The material is available in red, black, grey, white, beige, brown, yellow, and even green hues.


“Teakwood Sandstone Pool Coping”


The sandstone slabs cannot give you a consistent look. This is because each slab has a slight variation in the colors and design. These stones are used for wall cladding, flooring, swimming pool coping, driveway and patio paving, stepping stones, and more.


“Sandstone Loose Wall Cladding”


Australia happens to be the leading supplier of sandstone Canberra and other natural paving materials. In fact, the homes and commercial buildings in Australia are clad in sandstones. Homeowners love to decorate their driveways, patio, deck, garden, and pathway with sandstones. In addition to the exterior space, sandstone can be used for interior wall cladding and flooring.


“Sandstone Stackstone Wall Cladding”


In fact, many homeowners choose this natural stone for the kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls and floors, living rooms, and feature walls. This weather and temperature resistant natural stone can be used to create a feature wall in your living room. You could also install these tiles around the fireplace wall.




Beautiful Sandstone pavers and sandstone tiles are perfect for installing around the swimming pool area, outdoor pavers, garden sitting areas, patio pavers, driveway pavers and more. 

Are you looking for various textures and colors in sandstone for your home or other residential property? If yes! then check out our variety of sandstone pavers available in various sizes and thicknesses. 

We deliver tiles and pavers across Australia mainly in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and southern Australia. 

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