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Stone of the Week – Bluestone Stepping Stones

The product of the Week! (ending on may 22, 2017)

This week’s product of the week is the unique and in demand Bluestone Stepping Stones. Our bluestone stepping stones are natural pieces of stone that are sawn from boulders in all of kinds of natural shapes and sizes.
We categorize these as a small, medium and large, with some being as large as 1.2m! The texture of the stone is non-slip with the beautiful natural boulder texture and colour around the outside of many pieces remaining, creating a beautiful natural stone look. Perfect for your pathway or entrance.

Browse our Gallery and find more information at

Who wants Bluestone Stepping Stones?
Bluestone Stone Stepping stones are perfect for those with a natural earthy home, wanting to pull into the rustic and natural features of their surrounding environment. You can grow grasses and plants in the surrounds of the stepping stones to really blend them in, or leave them built up to be up to see the natural sides, for extra effect. For those feeling extra creative, you can try creating a mosaic pathway.

Those with a modern home can also use Bluestone stepping stones,  when laid in concrete or exposed aggregate for a feature piece. Pictures of both uses are above.

What are Bluestone Stepping Stones?
Bluestone Stepping Stones are slices of stone, cut from natural boulders that vary in size as the boulder size changes, making each piece unique. Many stepping stones still have the natural outside of the boulder, adding character and a even more natural look!

What Bluestone finishes are available?
The Bluestone Stepping Stones currently on come in one finish, which is a sawn and lightly honed finish, with the natural borders.

What sizes are available?
As the stepping stones have been cut from natural boulders, each piece will vary in size. To account for this, we sort them into three groups.
Small – 400-700mm diameter
Medium – 500-800mm diameter
Large – 700-1100mm diameter

There above sizes all come in 20 and 30mm thick to suit the needs on those laying on slurry’s or concrete as well as those laying on sand and dirt.
Usually there will be one side that is flatter than others, as this is the bottom of the boulder.

Durability of Bluestone Stepping Stones
Bluestone Stepping Stones are more than durable enough for your home or project. To give you an example, they are more than strong enough to withstand the traffic each weekend at the Melbourne football stadium with 70000+ people walking across. So long as laid correctly, you should have no issues.

Maintenance of Travertine Tile Flooring

As with any flooring option, regular cleaning is key to keeping your floors looking beautiful for longer. Stepping stones will require less maintenance than most flooring options. It is easily managed by sweeping often, ensuring that dirt and grit don’t get a chance to build up is a brilliant idea. A regularly high pressure hose over your area will help keep them it spotless. As with any natural stone it is porous, and so can be susceptible to spills and stains. If you do spill something, be sure to wipe it up immediately and don’t let it set in. If a high stain area, sealing is an option! Seal and then reseal your stone every couple of years at the least to keep them extra resilient. If you want to use a stone cleaner, be sure to get one particularly meant for natural stone, and discreetly spot test it first to ensure that there won’t be any nasty surprises.

What do I need to know about installing them?
You need to keep in mind that one should be careful regarding how high or low you install them. If they are installed too low, the grass will forever grow over the top and the resolve this you will need to trim this back by hand. If they’re installed too high above the ground, you will struggle to move the lawn mower overtop of them. One should aim to set them around level with the soil, so the blades of grass sit above the paver, but do not cover.


How far apart?
It is advisable to step out the placement of stepping stones before installation and purchasing, as you don’t want to be having to take large strides or shuffle along.
The average person’s stride is about 45cm. If this is the case for you – and the people who will most often be walking the path – place each stone so the centre of each stone is 45cm from the centre of the next.

Quality is Key!
One should be aware the it is vital to choose a high-quality Natural Stone. We have worked tirelessly to get the best quality at the best price and we try our hardest to remain the cheapest seller in Victoria.
Contact us now if you think Bluestone Stepping Stones would be suitable for your next project! Or browse our range at

Enjoy your day from the Team at Stone and Slate Discounts!




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